Tiki Twins

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Tiki Twins


As the Supershow plans for a TAG TEAM Revolution we debut our 1st SRG Universe tag team full 4 card set. 

TAG TEAMS play against 2 opponents, either 1 person using 2 Competitors combine or a tag team, OR against 2 players each using 1 Competitor.

Gimmick: Double all numbers in the text of your STRIKE and GRAPPLE cards.

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  FAQ: How do I use the Tiki Twin (or any Tag Team)?

Playing a tag team match with 2 total players

You may notice the Tiki Twins have double the usual SKILL numbers. To use them in a 1 player vs 1 player match your opponent must use 3 total Competitors. For example they could use, El Super Hombre, and the Rising Sun, Competitors. They would combine ALL Skills and Gimmicks, as if they were 1 card just like yours. Your opponent could also use a tag team like the Monsters Asylum along side another single Competitor.

Playing a tag match with 3 total players.

You could also play against 2 players at the same time. Your opponents would each use their own 30 card decks. They would each have their own Gimmicks, however they would combine turn rolls. if your opponents turn rolls are greater than your turn roll, each opponent draws 1 card and starts their turn. all players get to play 1 card against the trio. If your turn roll is greater as a trio, you draw 1 card for each opponent (2 cards), you may play 1 card against each opponent. Each in play pile for each opponent on both sides is keep separate.

SRG tag team match challenges the tag team uses a 60 card deck using 2 of each card number.

Tag Team matches are NO DQ and NO Count unless otherwise stated.

Night Terror, cannot blank a tag team at the start of the Match.