Kickstarter: The Uprising "All-In" Tier


Kickstarter: The Uprising "All-In" Tier


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ship approx second week of July due to backorder 

The very best tier in our latest Kickstarter: The Uprising!

Everything that 2 - 5 players need to compete in the Legendary Fighting Federation. No prior purchases required, but compatible with all prior and future purchases. Includes 14 total Competitors PLUS any unlocked stretch goals. This tier gets you the first ever Faction Pack, including some long awaited debuts.


  • Two-player box set: Red Pill Vs. A1ien Invader

  • Two-player box set: Varius Vs. B1

  • Two New Kickstarter Exclusive 4 card Competitor Sets

  • One New Faction Pack

  • All unlocked Promo cards

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