Round 1, Match 1 of the 2018 CCC.

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

Below is the Backstories presented by their creators unedited.

Jacque Ee

He is a former French Canadian jockey from Montreal. He got kicked out of the racing industry for cheating during races fixed by his old horse trainer, The Italian Bombada. Together they've been traveling North America looking for work. Italian Bombada contacted Jacque Ee and asked him to come to the LFF so they can take over another industry like they did the horse racing game.

The Baldridge Bruiser

The story behind it is my best friend and brother in law was a huge wrestling fan and passed away two years and would have to loved to play Supershow. His finishers would be the balding slam the ridge as a submission and bruiser loser as the third. His look would be a bald man with mechanic clothes on and grease on him and a mask to hide his face so his identity is secret. I think it would be awesome to always have him with me when I play the best game ever. His backstory is he a hardworking man that sticks up for the ones who cannot by day a mechanic by night he is the bruiser a famous local wrestler. Kids women and children love him. Evil Gms and other heels hate him because he does what is right.


GI grew up on a farm in Rural West Virginia. Between School and work, there was not much time for muich else. He grew strong putting up hay and feeding the horses and cows. Tiring of the boredom of the farm and wanting to see the world, he ran to the recruiting office on his 18th birthday. He was the perfect soldier, with his years of hard work developing his body with a core strength unrivaledin his squad. He served his country for several years on battlefields all across the world first in the Army Infantry and 
then as a Ranger. He learned many fighting techniques through his military training and became quite good at fighting both with small arms and just hand to hand. An IED explosion sent shrapnel tearing through his body and left him fighting for his life. He survived but was discharged due to his injuries. Back home, he took a few security jobs and began to float. The Farm was too dull and the work he found did not bring the same level of adrenaline that his time in service gave him. One night, he stopped in this little Chinese
restaurant to grab a meal and talked to the wise looking owner since it was mostly empty. They talked through the whole meal and shared a few laughs. As he was getting ready to leave, the old man smiled and said "Don't forget your cookie" and handed him one of the cellophane rapped fortune cookies. "Never know... may change your life" he laughed . As he stepped out into the cool night air he popped open the wrapper and pulled out the cookie shaking his head at the old man. The cookie broke open with a sharp pop in the cool night air and he slipped out the white paper contained inside. It was an address and tonights date and 8 pm. Looking at his watch he began to jog down the street. He could just make it if he hurried. The large metal door greeted him with LFF written above it. It was locked but when he wrapped his knuckles against the cold metal the hollow sound brought a clink from within as the door was unlocked and opened. As he walked into the building the Big Shot stepped in front of him smiling. "New meat I see..." Big shot paused. "Don't your worry son I will make your debut quick, just not painless for you. He points toward the ramp leading through a curtain and as he stepped through the lights almost blinded him and the roar of the crowd almost deafening filled his ears. That cold metal feeling
of adrenaline began to course through his body as he moved toward the ring. The Big Shots music rocked the crowd to their feet as the Big Shot ran toward the ring. As quickly as the match began, it ended but not as the Big Shot predicted. Catching the big man by surprise with a combat boot to the gut and followed by The Stars and Stripes, theBig Shot was left unconscious and the crowd's thunderous roar accompanied him to the back. GI knew this is what he was missing and he was now on the road toward Gold and Glory.

The Fourth Horseman

Something wasn’t quite the same this time around. Normally, Matt Smith, English teacher by day and Hobby shop owner by night, picked up his friend Ben and met the two Coreys at some destination point around Indianapolis. This was one of the normal Gencon rituals. Get down early, watch a movie, find a hype man at the bar (preferably Scottish) and then proceed to bring the house down with some killer karaoke. 

Every one of these activities was as clockwork as hitting Island Noodles. As Cory Smith running over a curb. 

But something wasn’t quite the same this time. Something felt...different. The year before had been exhilarating. Always up for a challenge, the Michigan boys always try new games. In 2017 Supershow had been the new game. While Ben had begun a few years before and kept trying to get the rest of the crew in, this was the year it finally stuck. And what a summer that was. A wrestling mat in the center of ring, a bell, a shrewd GM, crazy masks, the XCW, the KSW, a proposal, the shouts of ONE FALL and finally a story book ending with the crowning of a World Champion. 

It was everything they wanted to be a part of and more. 

With the taste of that greatness on their lips, the Michigan team went home and began putting together decks to come back in 2018. The success of KSW was dominant. They had won everything north of Kentucky and the Michigan team wanted to taste that success. The excitement was high, but like a roller coaster, the momentum went up and down. Just three weeks after Gencon the summer was over and real life took over. It was time to get back to the grind. 

But this year, this summer, 2018, something was just not right. Sure, the rituals were still there. The games, the food, the amazing wonder that is all that Gencon is every year. But this time around something was quite different. 

It began on Thursday, really. The excitement was in the air for the Underworld Championship. The tickets were purchased, the decks were shuffled, and the Michigan men were ready to go. 

As the tournament went on, each Michigan player began to gain confidence, to go..outside of their comfort zone...and to play, just slightly, outside of their ability. The rolls were going their way, the cards came out that they needed, and their opponents were unable to draw what they needed, but just ever so slightly. Slowly members of the team began to return to their normal play, missing an escape, and succumbing to a tap out. 

Eventually one was still left though and his success was unbelievable. Ben, the lone member of the team, was playing out of his mind. He had run through former champions, local winners, and members of the KSW and at this point going in to the triple team match the Kentucky boys were happier than ol’ Blue layin’ on the porch chewin’ on a big ol’ catfish head. 

This was probably going to be his last go around. Sitting down with King Greatness and another King, it was probably his last dance. Obviously the two were about to close the deal with him and they had already began to decide which of them would go for the belt. But that feeling, that difference maker, that uneasiness that sits in the pit of your stomach, that came back, and in a big way. Ben sat down at the table and stopped fighting that feeling. He let it take over his being. On the outside, he seemed fine, as normal, but inside something had taken over and he was locked in. 

Most people might attribute this to something like an athlete or performance artist “going in the zone”—emotionally and physically hitting a sense of perfect balance and feeling as if they couldn’t lose. But this was different—almost as if something supernatural, or otherworldly, were taking control. 

Ben sat down with a calmness in his eye and a grin for the Kings. Turn one he dropped a punch that was met without a counter. Turn two, a submission that drew a groan from the King’s spectators, but again stuck. Turn three, and the last turn, a final submission that hit the table and this time drew silence. ONE….as both players rolled together….TWO….as the nervousness set in….THREE! 

The unthinkable. 

Who was this person? Who could take down not one, but two Kings at the same time? The Michigan men went crazy. This could possibly happen. The rest, the fairy tale, happened in a way that couldn’t be scripted. Ben met another King in the finals, and through intentional and innovative thinking, won convincingly. The Underworld Title was coming home to Michigan. 

Ben, the one who had brought Supershow to Michigan, had won the Underworld Championship and won the respect of KSW in the process. 

But something wasn’t quite right and without saying it, the team knew it. Later that night Corey jokingly exclaimed that the team was playing out of their minds. He also noted it must have been fate, as there should have been no possible chance that Ben won that belt with his untuned deck. It was hard to argue with him. Even Ben admitted that something had come over him. 

The next day, as most know, the story stayed the same, but this time it was the Cory’s turn—everything went right, the impossible became the possible, and two more members of the Michigan team won the Tag Team Championships! What a weekend. Three belts in two days—a feat that was nearly impossible. 

That night there was no discussion. Each member knew. Something had taken over and this time there was no denying it. The team had transformed. What had started slowly with Ben and then spread to each Cory, had crept into Matt. Fate had spoken. KSW’s reign on the LFF was to be no more. In fact, it was to be put to an end by supernatural means. 

The Four Horsemen had arrived. 

Each identity was no more. No longer when the Michigan team sat down at a match were they Ben, Cory, Corey or Matt. They were Conquest, Famine, War and Death—sent by some divine intervention to stop the stranglehold that KSW had on the wrestling world. 

The time for pleasantries were over. One of those members had not taken a belt and when they entered the arena for the last time it was to claim the World Championship belt. They descended on the field from four corners of the hall, each donned appropriately colored robes. 

As the entries went up, the Fourth Horseman, Conquest, was ringing up opponent after opponent. Each trip to the owner, Steve Resk, was met with disbelief, until at 5-0 the Fourth Horsemen had lost a close one to head into the playoff rounds at 6-1 losing out on a perfect record by a hair. 

Sitting down in the first final match, the Horseman looked up to see an imposing figure—the renowned Rob Graves towering over him. Last year’s finalist. No mind, other forces were at work and Graves was mercifully evicted from the tournament. 

Then, as it seemed that this was to be a trifecta, that this year’s Gencon was to be ruled by the Kings of the North, the Fourth Horseman ran into the end. The Kingslayers couldn't dodge defeat all weekend, and in a matter of two turns, it was over. 

The supernatural drape fell. The visage lifted. Matt Smith was back but the pain of defeat hung over his head like a pale death and the toll of Fate had taken its course. The weekend had drained the Michigan team of all they had to offer. For three of those men, the glint of gold and fame was enough to ride high on. They had tasted sweet victory and basked in its glory. 

But for the Fourth Horseman...for Matt Smith...the teacher by day and hobby shop owner by night...the respite had never touched his waist. The gold had eluded him. 

To this day it still haunts him. 

Perhaps that magical enchantment, Fate’s own sweet succor, will someday grace his team again. But it might be to have that happen someone needs to take hold of the LFF and dominate like the KSW did back in 2017. Maybe a sheep, or a New Yorker, a king or a southerner. Maybe if that happens those same supernatural forces may find a way to exert some control.

And then maybe the Fourth Horseman can get his gold.