Match 5 Round 1

Abarax Malathor

Absolute Zero

Ricky Riot

El Super Hombre dark

The Grump


                Super Hombre Dark


Has El Super Hombre broke bad or is it a deranged psychopath that is imitating Supershows top face?  Super Hombre Dark is a dastardly monster heel and one of the strongest competitors in the LFF. His physique is identical to El Super Hombre but he has a darker skin tone.  He has two goals in the LFF. One to capture the Heavyweight championship  and second to Destroy EL Super Hombre’s legacy.  In reality back in the day when Super Hombre was working on his signature moves he had a sparring partner that was injured by Hombre’s El Super Slam. Is this that sparring partner or has Hombre created a split personality out of guilt from his dark secret?  Super Hombre Dark keeps everyone guessing by showing up to shows El Super Hombre is not booked on and then makes impromptu challenges.

Super Hombre Dark wears a black mask similar to Hombre’s  splattered with red across the mouth and eyes.  He also wears a black and red version of Super Hombre’s tights that says Dark on the back. He has taped fists that always seem to have dried blood on them. He wears red elbow and knee pads along with black wrestling boots.

"I am Abraxas, the first of many and general of the Empire of Malevitrious. This mud ball of a planet will make an excellent outpost for our future conquests.

So come, I challenge your greatest warriors, fighters, and whatever defenders you have. I will break them in-front of you in this very arena"




Abraxas claims to be an alien invader, the leader of a great space army, with eyes set on Earth as his next prize. Seeing the LFF as home to the greatest warriors and fighters on the planet, he has decided this must be the planet's last line of defense. And so to prove his dominance, he will defeat them all in their preferred means of combat. After all, his is not a warrior without honor and pride. Once he grasps this "LFF Championship", an object of power to these weak creatures, the true conquest will begin. 




Ricky Riot


Backstory and Introduction to the LFF


Born in a small town, but ran away to be raised by the city streets. Ricky Riot earned his name from his reputation of inciting riots where ever he went. From punk shows to late night dinners where Ricky Riot goes anarchy and chaos follows. Ricky discovered the LFF when he was looking for a place to lay low from local law enforcement after inciting a city wide riot. While watching the show Ricky was so excited to join in on the action that he jumped the railing during a tag team contest and challenged both teams.    

own or crest of horns and silver mouth. The sharp wings on his boots are gold, and his pants are black across the thighs.


Official CCC entry for: The Grump


After cruising on the wave of support of his Grumpy Groupies to the top 4 of the CCC in 2017, Grumpy Danny Thunder faced the one thing he could not defeat… A lame duck of a tag-team partner, Eddy Fury. Despite the efforts of the Grumpaholics to carry their tag-team, Eddy Fury was pinned by Sierra Nevada for a second time during the CCC and just like that, without being beaten himself, Grumpy Danny Thunder was eliminated as the hundreds…and hundreds of Grumpimaniacs cried out in sadness.


Emotionally shattered and full of grump, Danny Thunder withdrew from the public eye to train for his next opportunity. He took his talents to south beach…the southern beaches of Mexico! Taking up the mask and learning Lucha Libre style, Grumpy Danny Thunder became ‘El Trueno Grumpio Jr’. Learning Spanish instantly and utilizing English subtitles even in person, El Trueno Grumpio Jr took Mexico by storm. Lucha Libre Titles and accolades weren’t enough for El Trueno Grumpio Jr however. His mask soaked with Grumpy tears every night…he missed his Grumpy Groupies..and being able to breathe without a damn mask on! So El Trueno hung up his Lucha life and headed back north reinvented yet again. With the 2018 CCC looming, the Grumpy one, now armed with refined high flying skills and a vast knowledge of the Spanish language using English subtitles, sets his sights on the only thing that can satisfy him. A spot on the LFF roster. THE GRUMP IS HERE!



Absolute Zero


Born in Long Island in 1980s Absolute Zero is a wrestler by day and a rocker star by night. Growing up as a kid he admired such wrestlers such as Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and always dreamed of becoming champion one day Striving to reach greater heights that no one has ever gone before. While growing up he also developed a strong passion for rock music and created his own band Zero Life a heavy metal rock band that has toured around the world . While writing songs on the road he is constantly looking for bigger and stronger competition and never gives up a fight. In the ring he does love to play dirty and wow the crowd when he gets a chance  in order to win. He is hoping that one day he will be inducted into SRG so he can wrestle with the biggest and baddest and show them who the real rockstar is