Match 4 Round 1

The Following contest is set for a 48 hour time limit.

Ben Monster

He reigns from parts unknown, aka Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY, where he humbly started out as a freelance beat reporter, doing man on the street interviews and fluff pieces for local news outlets. Growing bored with stories of bake offs and one sided 2 legged dog adoptions, he discovered the magic and majesty of local long island public access tv where he could have complete creative control of his craft. But after a programing time slot argument gone wrong with Bob Klementine, leaving him super annoyed on Wednesday, he decided to set his goals on becoming the most electrifying Sports Entertainment Public Access Show Entertainer (SEPASE) the world has ever seen.

Mary O'Nette, the Corporate Puppet

The LFF has been very successful over the past few years, and it has some companies who are interested in buying Rock Newmann's product. Newman turned down every offer that came to him. 

One company took it personally.

This company sent a herald, to show how powerful an enemy Newmann has made. This herald is named, 

Mary O'Nette, the Corporate Puppet

Standing at 5'9", this cool drink of water boasts long limbs to be able to trap her opponents with, and with her keen knowledge on the human anatomy, she is able to submit her opponent's with ease. With an elegant display of grace she emits, she can intimidate even the coolest of heads. 

Why she is here:

After the almost overnight success of Rock Newman's own Legendary Fighting Federation, many companies and corporations have wanted in on the acquisition of the LFF. Mary O'Nette works for one who wouldn't take No for an answer. Her company has allowed her to show Newman exactly what he is missing by not selling.
Juan Andres

“El Jefe” is most certainly a legitimate entrepreneur, and most certainly NOT an infamous Mexican cartel drug lord. As the man responsible for funding the Chicago-based XCW, Xtreme Card Wrestling organization, Juan Andrés made his presence known in February of 2018. XCW Commissioner, Xander Charlatan, fell way behind on his payments to El Jefe so the real boss showed up at XCW’s Valentine’s Massacre II. He sent texts to find Charlatan’s whereabouts (next page). Xander was tasked to “clean” money from Andres by using it to take a small startup wrestling company and turned it into one of the biggest in the world. The now former XCW commissioner most certainly used up all that cash, but cleverly forgot about the paying it back part. Chalking up the Charlatan situation as a temporary loss, Juan Andrés has now taken his US headquarters of Conquest Enterprises to Colorado for yet another business opportunity.


Baasuké Ewechia

Background and Gimmick: Baasuké is a determermined and powerful competitor coming from a ninjitsu background who's family was killed in a fire started by a mystery LFF competitor whom he is seeking answers and unleashing vengeance upon them by defeating them ending their career.


Straight out of Cashville, Tennessee, Swain Neto really needs no introduction. Swain never had problems being popular. He seemed to always gather crowds with his epic freestyles and amazing beatbox skills. After college Swain knew he didn't want to be some regular guy from the I.T department. So, he decided to put his unique skills on social media where he became an overnight success. As far as likes and follows go Swain had plenty, but they really took off when he decided to DJ under the name, Swagneto. When Bailo couldn't provide entertainment one night for the L.F.F he called Swagneto to step in. The environment was on fire that night. Ken Broadway made it rain, the Freakshow were extra freaky, Dayna Might was explosive, Lemmy Adam took on all challengers, the Immortal Warrior teamed with Vic the Brick for an instant classic against the Tiki Twins, Snake Pitt and El Super Hombre battled to a time limit draw, all the while Swagneto laid down the tracks for all the L.F.F family to enjoy the show between matches. It got Swagneto thinking maybe the L.F.F is where he belongs. The decision is up to you!