Match 3 Round 1 2018 CCC

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

The Masked Beetle
The Masked Beetle is from the far way planet of Kamen. The people of Kamen are intergalactic crime fighters who fight for justice and to take down all evils. They a unique ability the helps them fight against evil. This power gives them the ability to spawn bug like armor over their humanoid bodies to assist in fighting against evil. With this bug armor power, the people of Kamen did have their enemies most notably The Black Scorpions. The Black Scorpions attacked and razed the planet of Kamen. The Masked Beetle was one of the few to escape before the planet of Kamen was destroyed by the Black Scorpions. With the Black Scorpions in pursuit of the survivors of Kamen, The Masked Beetle crash-landed to Earth more specifically Japan.
This is where he saw people like him, masked people fighting in a square ring. The Masked Beetle saw this as a chance for him to be able to continue fighting for justice. He started to wrestle during an open challenge at a small Japanese promotion. From that moment on The Masked Beetle started to gain popularity in Japan. While in a small ramen shop in Tokyo, The Masked Beetle met a man in kabuki paint, The Great Oniman. There they swapped wrestling stories, The Great Oniman talked about a tough new opponent who was causing trouble, The Black Scorpion! The Masked Beetle instantly knew that the Black Scorpion was no regular masked wrestler and knew what he had to do. The Masked Beetle needed to know where this wrestling promotion was. While The Great Oniman said it was a secret, he did reveal that the Black Scorpion was a part of the LFF. The Masked Beetle knew he had to go to the LFF to stop the Black Scorpion to save the LFF and possibly the world.
Little is known about the non-masked form of The Masked Beetle. Rumors have said that he had short black hair, wears a brown motorcycle jacket and wears black riding gloves. When The Masked Beetle enters a wrestling match, smokes overs the entrance way and the silhouette of The Masked Beetle appears with his back turned to the crowd. With his fist raised to the sky, he yells “Beetle Form” and a multi-colored glow surrounds him. As he turns around, pyro goes off and The Masked Beetle revels himself. His beetle form is a green and black spandex bodysuit segmented like armor on his body. He wears a mask that is green and black with two red eyes and a giant stag beetle like horn coming of the center of the mask.
The Masked Beetle is fast and agile. From both his time wrestling in Japan and his beetle power, his punches and kicks are extremely powerful. He is a daredevil able to do impressive moves off the tope rope. While not the most powerful, he has a never say die attitude. He is a fighter for justice. He does not cheat in his matches and will do anything to stop someone from cheating in a match.
His finishers include an impressive drop kick off the top rope. When he gets to the top rope he always raises his fist to the sky and screams, “ JUSTICE KICK! ” as he comes off the top rope.
He uses the burning hammer as a grapple finisher called EVIL WILL NOT PREVAIL because when he gets the gets the opponent on his shoulder he screams “EVIL WILL NOT PREVAIL!!!”.
His submission finisher is a bridging fujiwara armbar. This move he picked up during his time in Japan and learning the more technical side of wrestling. It is called “FOR KAMEN” in tribute to his people lost when the Black Scorpions attacked. When he locks in the armbar he always screams, “FOR KAMEN!!!”

The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil hails from parts unknown, New Jersey. He doesn’t say much, because his actions speak louder then his words. He is dressed in solid red ring gear, with black accents. His mask has devils horns on it. The Jersey Devil strikes from behind before the match starts, hoping to annihilate his opponents. This gets the crowd pumped (which is why the crowd meter starts at +1). Since the entire arena gets pitch black, and an eerie red lighting affect comes on, no one knows where the Devil will strike! He is on ruthless SOB!

Backstory: The Jersey Devil has been terrorizing the citizens of the Northeast for years, but now he has become a “urban myth”. He has appeared in the “Weird New Jersey” books enough that people no longer fear him. So, he decided to take the victimization out of the borders of the Garden State and invade the LFF. Does he care about money? NO! Does he care about thousands of loyal fans? NO! He cares only about one thing, and one thing only, inflicting as much pain and suffering to his opponents, when they tap out, or are knocked out, he will inflict more until he is the only one standing in the LFF.

The Cthulhu Kid:

Phillip Howard always knew he was different. Maybe it was his green skin. Maybe his bulbous head. Maybe it was his small fleshy wings. It could even be his tentacled face. Whatever the reason, Phillip never found his place in the world.

Until one day, he was taken in by a gruff professional wrestler that had a warlock gimmick. The old wrestler believed that by training Phillip the ancient ways of professional wrestling, they could unluck his ultimate strength and bring about the end of the known universe. Thus, The Cthulhu Kid was born!

The Cthulhu Kid enters the ring wearing a full red and black cultist robe lined with ancient runes. He wears a hood covering his head while he slowly lumbers to the ring.

His music is a deep, almost chanting, song. It makes chills run your spine and the feel is ominous.

The arena is dark but for a few purple and red lights. The Cthulhu Kid needs no spectacle to announce his arrival.

Once he makes his way into the ring, he says a prayer chant, and in one full movement removes the top half of his Rob and revealing the disfigured octopoidal head, veiny, fleshy wings, muscular arms, and round small paunch stomach. The Cthulhu Kid stands an amazing 6'5". His frame is not fit, but clearly strong. 

Cthulhu Kid's wrestling style is very technical and focuses heavily on ring psychology. He works heavily on submissions to weaken his opponent and drive them mad.

This does not mean he shies completely from grapples and strikes. Quite the opposite. Often his initial attacks will be strikes and grapples to focus on certain areas of the body and then finish them off with a submission on the weakened area.

Once Cthulhu Kid is ready to finish the match, he will start using his signature moves. The first is a mighty grapple chokeslam called the "Chokeslam to R'lyeh".
The next is a big boot named "The Call". Often hit when the opponent is dazed and Cthulhu Kid makes a motion for him to come closer while chanting.

The most devastating maneuver Cthulhu Kid uses is a dragon sleeper know as "Wgah'Nagl Fhtagn", which translates roughly to "The Waiting Dream".

Son of snake
Shane Strickland 

A man who never knew his father growing up and in his home wrestling was forbidden until the day that his mother passed away being 18 years old and having no family Shane found himself on the street fending for himself wondering who his father was stumbling across a poster for a job 1 night only janitor needed a LFF event he didn’t care it was money to be made until he got there and the electricity in the air took his breathe away the lights the crowd he never knew anything about wrestling but one step in this building and he knew this was his life this is where he needed to be but it wasn’t until the end of the night the main event he seen a wrestler who he felt a connection to that every motion every move he felt like he had seen it all before after the match he found that wrestler it was snake Pitt after a short conversation he had found something he never thought he would find in wrestling it was his father in what he thought would end as a feel good moment he learned the most important lesson to never trust a snake as Shane hugged his father snake snapped piledriving and kicking Shane his “son” in the head he de masked himself dropping the mask beside the wounded kid looking in his eyes you mean nothing as snake slithered away. Waking up in a hospital room thinking what just happened the mask sitting on the table next to Shane gave him one thought only the old man would pay for abandoning him and his mother and for what he did to him that night thinking of one thing his revenge Shane retreated from the hospital telling himself one day snake Pitt will feel the pain he felt the heartbreak but he would come back stronger and this time ready for a fight