Round 1, Match 2 of the 2018 CCC

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

Mark the Salty Sailor Perre

Salty. Referring to someone or something with a lot of experience, particularly at sea. A salty Sailor is one who has been around a while. A salty uniform is more faded and obviously used but still sharp. Salty language is language salted with profanities or obscenities. All of these hold true for the Salty Sailor. Salty Sailor is salty when he gets beat due to cards being buried, or by others being able to draw cards. Salty Sailor is a sailor that tried to become a seal but failed and had to ring the bell. But that ring of a bell sound is his nemesis that drives him onto a new passion and that is to become the wrestler that makes all competitors he faces salty with envy. The Salty Sailor has embarked on the journey to proving his worth to L.F.F. GM John Calace.

The Dinosaur Kid
Born in a time where violent creatures roamed the earth this cave-baby was left to defend himself from the dinosaurs. But found by a caring mother triceratops she protected him raised him he became a member of her pack bringing down Dinosaurs 100x his size and every cave person he found hoping to find the cave family that abandoned him. His violent behavior couldn’t be contained until he was frozen in ice. But now he has thawed and is heading Straight for the LFF after seeing a poster with a caveman on it. His plans are to take out that caveman with the move he took out Dinosaurs and cave people alike with the deadly moves he has learned the TriceraDrop, Jurassic lock, or the meteor shower


Learning to be tough as nails came with the territory. Her parents died when she was a baby, killed in a car accident that nearly took her as well. Her dad was a member of the Wolf Pack, a motorcycle club lead by Poppa Wheelie so she wasn't without family. She was taken in by the gang and earned her way in. Not like the other women in the gang, she now rides in her own right. She has also proven time and again that she is not a hanger on but a full fledged member. Growing up in the MC, she learned to fight along side Anarchy's Son and Poppa himself. She learned both the dirty tricks and how to flat knock someone out when needed. She is a fearless competitor and is absolutely not afraid to lay her own body on the line if it means ending her opponent. 

Her time came when she followed Poppa and Son to the ring. It was Poppa's big match and the Pack was on hand to make sure no one interfered. As she watched the match from ringside, she noticed that Poppa and the Rising son were having one heck of a match. Poppa fell backwards and tugged the Ref while Rising Son bounced off the Ropes going for a running face kick. The crack of the shovel slamming into the back of his head could be heard throughout the arena but the ref's attention was on Poppa. Rising son hit the mat like a felled tree and Poppa moved quickly for the cover. Suddenly the curtain is thrown open as the "Man" him self Super Hombre is running toward the ring. With seconds to spare Unique jumps onto the ring Apron and catches the champ with a flying Power Bomb
slamming his head into the concrete at the foot of the ring. Her body hitting hard but a fierce grin alighting on her face. Anarchy's Son is there within a second putting the boots to Super Hombre as Poppa takes out his frustration on Rising Son. The Boos from the crowd only rouse the adrenalin coursing through her as she joins the Pack as they deliver a beatdown to the Super Son's and launching her career in the LFF.

Clean Judgement
We are the law, the law is clear, the law is final, there’s no second thoughts or second chances. You’re either with us or against us