Giggles came from a home that wasn't rich or poor. Middle Income upbringing. Never wanted or needed anything. One day he went to the circus where he saw clowns and knew that was his passion. But when using his mother's make up to portray his new reality, the local kids teased him relentlessly. He snapped a couple times and realized the crimson red of blood was that perfect color for his make up he was missing. With the popularity of clowns coming mainstream for Halloween he joined a Haunted Attraction called the Dead End. They were working their trail at Fall festival where a few people may have gone missing or not and he encountered some sanctioned LFF matches. It drew him in and he realized he found his second calling. Finally some where to make them laugh and then screams it's all perfectly normal. 

Big Bad Wolf


The lights dim...Ozzy's "Bark at the moon" kicks in... the announcer steps up as a figure looms into view.

"This bout is scheduled for ONE FALL!(one fall!)...making his way to the ring...from The North...weighing 296 pounds....the BIG...BAD...WOLF!"


The massive figure barely seems human, until the lights go up. Then it becomes clear that the man is wearing what appears to be a wolf pelt, it's head a hood. As he approches the pelt is thrown off to reveal a heavily muscled man with a wild beard emerging from beneath a wrestler's mask. His tights are a plain grey, his boots lined with black fur.


As he enters the ring he tears the microphone from the announcer's hand.

His voice is barely above a rumble, so deep it makes the Undertaker sound like a daytime TV host.

"I've come here...to hunt. I tired of little pigs...I followed the moon...I followed my nose...they led me here...because you know what? The LFF is full...of sheep. Prime specemins...perfect prey for...a wolf."

He throws down the mic and stalks to a corner, crouching...waiting for his hunt to begin.


Elder Statesman

An olderman man who for years worked the territories as the masked wrestler The Skull after his in ring retirement Rock Newman hired him, without his mask as an announcer. One night while conducting an interview with Eddy Fury the young upstart attacked him. No one other than Rock knew  his history so when he asked his old friend for 1 more Match Rock agreed to give him a shot



The MoneyMakers started out like any normal couple, they met in college, feel in love. It was at this time Mr. MoneyMaker decided he needed to provide for the Mrs’ he started doing monthly bookkeeping for different business’s around the city. After a few months he found that he was getting paid well, and he could provide for the Mrs’ and himself.

After a few years Mr. MoneyMaker decided he wanted the nicer things in life, a bigger house, nicer car, vacation whenever he wants, the good life. So, he went to a known associate who dealt in the shadier side of business. This associate offered to handle any debt and financial issues the Mr. and Mrs. had if he would “handle” the books for a few of his business’ for a few years. With in the first few years the Mr. and Mrs. found themselves with more money than they could have imagined. So, the Mrs. opened a cupcake company.

The cupcake company was proving to be more profitable then doing shady book keeping. So Mr. MoneyMaker contacted the IRS and handed over years of illegal book keeping for immunity and agreeing to forfeit and earnings from the cupcake company and turn it over to the government for sale. By doing this the MoneyMakers were broke, no jail time but broke. Or so the U.S. government thought, Mr. and Mrs. had been saving money for years with the plan of getting out from underneath the thumb of the shady associate, the need of the cupcake company and now the US government.

Now needing to start from ground zero again Mr. and Mrs. had some knowledge from their former head baker who mentioned something about an underground fighting league. With no knowledge of where this fighting league is or how to find it, the MoneyMaker’s hired a private investigator to track down any leads on this underground fighting league. While the investigation happened, the MoneyMakers got to training and preparing their skills. One cold January eve in 2019 the PI, showed up at the home of the MoneyMakers and said they needed to hurry. The PI explained there was a tournament happening to allow a new fighter to join the LFF. Mr. MoneyMaker asked, “What the hell is the LFF?” the PI responded “That’s the underground fighting league you had me look into, I found a young man who is willing to sell his spot to you.” “Where is he now?” asked Mrs. MoneyMaker, “In the car” said the PI, “How much does he want?” asked Mrs. MoneyMaker with a wicked smile across her face, “$500,000” the PI responded. “Bring him out here and we’ll make sure he gets a Million Dollar Makeover” said the Mrs. The young man steps out the back of the SUV and walks over to the MoneyMakers. “So how do we get in to this LFF?” asked the Mrs., the young man looks her up and down and takes a fortune cookie out of his pocket “With this, and the note inside the cookie”, “Is the note still inside?” asked Mr. MoneyMaker “Yes” responded the young man, with in a blink of an eye the Mrs. superkicked the young man in his knee, as the young man dropped to a knee, Mr. MoneyMaker comes running from behind and delivers a knee to the back of his head, as this is happening Mrs. MoneyMaker came running forward and delivered a missile drop kick to the young mans face.  As the young man falls to the ground Mrs. MoneyMaker picks up the cookie and crushes it in her hand, “Here’s the note” she says, “Let’s get going” says Mr. MoneyMaker, “What about the kid?” the PI asks “He got his Million Dollar Makeover” Mrs. MoneyMaker responded. The MoneyMakers walk over to the waiting SUV, they both get in the back seat. After the door closes, the window rolls down and “Where are we going?” asked Mr. MoneyMaker, “Here’s the address it’ll look like a fortune cookie factory from the outside” said the PI, Mr. MoneyMaker takes the address and hands the PI and envelope, “You’ll find its all there and a little extra to get rid of the kid.” said Mr. MoneyMaker, “No problem, oh and I think I might have a lead for that other thing you wanted me to look into.” Responds the PI, “Keep in touch, we’ll talk soon.” Mr. MoneyMaker responds. The window of the SUV goes up and proceeds to take off.



When the circus where animal trainer Eugene Truman spent his life teaching animals to entertain the masses closed down a few years ago, he was looking forward to retirement.  The only part of his former life that would follow him into this next phase is Ursus, a young bear cub that he had been unable to find a home for elsewhere.


In retirement, Mr. Truman found that he had more free time than he was used to and started picking up hobbies.  One of these hobbies was watching pro wrestling at home.  Mr. Truman had been a fan of professional wrestling as a child, but with the responsibilities and travel of circus life he had little time for it in adulthood.  He noticed that as he watched wrestling, Ursus would mimic the moves he saw on television.


Feeling inspired, he decided that he would train Ursus to wrestle.  Ursus loved taking on his trainer in their sparring sessions.  As Ursus grew from a cub to an adult, he grew from a novice to an experienced wrestler.  Mr. Truman hired wrestling trainers to advise him on how to train Ursus and even had his protégé wrestle some local talent privately.  Ursus enjoyed each match, reveling in the struggle to pin his opponents.


Finally, Mr. Truman decided that it was time for Ursus to make his public wrestling debut.  The next challenge was determining where an attraction like Ursus could find a home.  Through his old circus connections, he learned that a man had parlayed his love of balloon animals into a career in a wrestling promotion known as the Legendary Fighting Federation.  Mr. Truman decided that this would be the promotion where his bear could continue doing what he loved - wrestling - and reached out to the powers that be for an opportunity to join.


Dumpster Fire

After the military, I had nowhere to go.  Nowhere to live.  Being 6'6" is tough on job searching, most people are just intimidated by my stature, they avoid eye contact or speaking to me at all.  So I knew I needed something where I could work alone most days and not deal with the public so much.  So I took up the easiest job I could think of to keep my mind busy and my body steady, waste management.  During my time as a garbage man, I would always notice certain things in people trash; wasted food, wasted electronics, torn clothes.  One thing I never found in a garbage bin most of the times, were suits.  I always looked up to people in suits, they look nice, always are charismatic, and even smell good.  Once in New York just making the normal rounds, I noticed a few individuals bullying a nice man.  Upon further examination, I noticed these people were wrestlers and the man in the suit must have been a manager of a sorts.  They yelled at him, spitting curses as loud as anyone could here.  The man in the suit kept his composure, knowing how little everyone else was compared to him.  I knew right then, that would be the man to work for.  That would be the person to follow.  That's when I took up all the information I could find to learn wrestling.  


When I took to the streets and asked about it, people kept telling me to try out for the Legendary Fighting Federation.  So, I did.  And I failed, fantastically.  During my visitation in Indianapolis at the GenCon venue, I wrestled everyone I could.  I fought hard, and loud.  During the Tag Team event, I was given a random partner, and we conquered the Origins tag team champions in mere minutes.  Then we went on to take on some newcomers and were victorious.  But alas, we fell in our 4th round.  Against the wiccan witch Sage and a little one as her partner.  After the match, Sage informed me that I did really well for a first timer and informed me of other locations to try out again.  I felt empowered, strengthened if you will.  Unfortunately, she yelled and screamed at the man in the suit, and I didn't like that, I had to find a way to impress the man in the suit so I could protect him when the time was needed.  I would make sure that I could dispose of the garbage that insulted him.


During some additional training, I was told I needed to have my own look, my own moves, and something that would make me stand out from the rest...