Match 7 Round 1

Bobby/Mr. Papa the name.


growing up as a lil boy bobby was always willing and ready to be a number one wrestler but growing up in group homes in foster care he never was given the opportunity to become what he always knew he could be. So Bobby became a cameraman for a Wrestling Federation had he had the greatest shots the greatest angles throughout the wrestling world and became known as paparazzi. And one day he was approached by none other than mr. Hollywood who would ask him would you like for me to show you the ropes, Paparazzi replied of course, mr. Hollywood said but only if you become my personal photographer, and of course the agreement was made now being along mr. Hollywood Paparazzi knew he would have his chance at stardom, then the unexpected happened while taking photos one day for mr. Hollywood and a personal shoot Paparazzi accidentally took a picture of mr. Hollywood with no mask unknown to paparazzi there were no pictures taken of mr. Hollywood without a mask mr. Hollywood was totally upset to the point over him throwing Paparazzi camera to the ground and smashing it and letting him know through belittlement that you will never be a star in the L. F. F. And it was that day Paparazzi vowed to join the lff somehow and take vengeance upon mr. Hollywood. for years paparazzi tried many ways to join the lff to show mr. Hollywood that he would never be held down but nothing ever happened mr. Hollywood has made it to where paparazzi could never join the lff and become a champion, that is until one day Warehouse came along it showed Paparazzi all of the ropes of the ring to help fulfill the moment of peace that Paparazzi would get when he returned the favor to mr. Hollywood forgiving him that first shot.

My gimmick,

Outside of the Ring paparazzi is a teddy bear. During the holidays offering free photo shoots posing a Santa Claus and giving back to group homes just like the one he grew up in. In the ring paparazzi is a force to be reckoned with only seeing mr. Hollywood and everything he does there's no one or nothing that's going to get into his way of making mr. Hollywood realize he is a champion.


Last year, I failed to become part of the LFF as "The Roach" Logan Torres. 

I was crocky, full of myself. Thought money was all I needed. I was acting 

like someone I was not. I'm a family man... and I'll do anything for my

family. I survive. No amount of trauma will keep me down for long. PTSD isn't

enough to bet me. How will anyone else have a chance?


Professor Benedict Boulderfist


Growing up on the rich side of Boston, the 6’6 290 pound Benedict has always had a chip on his shoulder. Belonging to a true American blue blood family and the son of a Senator, many felt that being smart meant not being tough and boy how wrong they were about him. By day a Professor of Political Science , by night a bare knuckles brawler in the shady underbelly of the city. They laughed at him coming into the ring with his rolled up sleeves, slacks and vest, but after taking the Boston Bare Knuckles title, he quieted all his doubters. But his thirst for new competition led him to a new ring. The wrestling ring. After training in the family gym and hiring some of the most elite trainers from around the world, Boulderfist entered professional wrestling. To keep the secret from his family, he joined the elite underground LFF to compete with the best competition. Adding some moves to his arsenal such as the “Right to Bear Arms” right hook, his modified camel clutch called the “Constitutional Clutch”, or the injury inducing “A House Divided Cannot Stand”  full nelson pin. The LFF has a new striker in town and his fury will be unmatched in the ring. What is his goal? To add another prestigious gold belt to his shoulder.


Name: Shelby "The Witch's Apprentice" Romanoff

Gimmick: Shelby is an accomplished athlete for such a young age. She is very kind, shy, and not talkative. However, when she gets into competition, she opens up and talks smack as she is utilizing her skill set to win the match. She also has been training under the tutelage of Sage after their memorable run at GenCon.

Backstory: Shelby has always been a multi-sport athlete ever since she was a small child. She started learning the Sweet Science and had developed a fearsome knockout shot by the time she was 9. She began following in her fathers footsteps and competed in amateur boxing, racking up wins left and right dominating her division. While she was honing her skills as a Boxer, she also found a 2nd love, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She didn't slack on her BJJ while competing as a boxer, learning how to lock in submissions fast and strong. As Shelby got older, she wanted to become a MMA fighter but her mother would have none of it. Instead of letting her dreams die, she kept trying to find other avenues to be a fighter and that's when she ran into a rowdy bunch called the New Wool Order. She began competing and found she liked wrestling alot, as it let her utilize the skillset she had spent years developing. Very quickly she found she was very good at wrestling, as she nearly captured the CBW Heavyweight title numerous times. At GenCon, she found her "sensei" or teacher, by teaming up with Sage the Wiccan Witch. Their dynamic tag team was 1 match away from claiming the GenCon Tag Titles and ever since then Shelby has been honing her craft


Tag Team: KYwi Connection 

Chester the Jester and

Mic Riot.



At Gencon 2017 these two men did the unthinkable and pulled off the biggest swerve in LFF history. Its was the year of the KSW, the KSW had won the underworld title, the World Title and with one last title on the line the Jester was set to bring home the 3rd title for KSW. However he was up against the upstart Kiwi from NZ a man who had made it to the finals with an Undefeated streak, Mic Riot of the ACCW. 

In what was a hard fought battle the Jester got the 3 count the crowd went wild, chants of KSW! KSW!KSW! but in that moment thing all changed. The Jester was presented the tornado tag Belts and as the crowd was cheering the mood quickly changed to disbelief as he handed one of the belts to Mic Riot and announced he was joining the ACCW and him and Mic Riot were your LFF Tornado Tag Champs. 

Well this didn't sit well with the Kings and in particular King Greatness couldn't let it go and challenged the Jester to a best of seven Slap Bet Series. King Greatness won this and slapped the Jester back into KSW. However even while the KSW look on Chester as a clown he is no man's fool, buying his time he waited for the cracks to form in the KSW, when the opportunity presented itself the Jester pounced again and stole the KSW GM position from out under the nose of King Greatness.

After a 2nd Slap bet Series was held which the Jester's team won, only to have LFF GM John Calase overturn the decision, the Jester knew there was only one person who would have his back, he had to reach out across the ocean to Mic Riot. 

Forming the team KYwi Connection, these two men are on a mission to prove to the world they are more than just the entertainment. Their goal is to become the Greatest tag team in the LFF and along the way proving to the KSW and the LFF they ain't no joke! #AintnoJoke