Match 6 Round 1



He is a self delusional schizophrenic who enjoys playing mind games, intentional or not. At times he seems intelligent, playful and friendly, but can lash out in anger at any moment. 

For the past three years Damien has been a patient of a mental asylum, where he has convinced himself that he's normal and nothing is wrong with him. This has not only dragged him down mentally, but also the people around him. One person in particular was someone he met during arts and crafts, Gregory Patrick Scott (refered to him simply as "G"). They became close friends and Gregory was the only person who believed Damien was normal and it meant the world to him. But soon after his only friend abandoned him, G had escaped the asylum. He felt angry and betrayed until one day his cell door opened and it was G's therapist with a note and directions to join a competition for a spot on the L.F.F roster. 

Wrestling had been an escape for him in his childhood. His parents were rich, but paid the second unworthy child damien no attention sending his older brother to a private school and leaving him to homeschool with the butler. While his parents constantly threw masquerade party's he would sit alone watching wrestling wearing one of the masks he had slipped from the party. After years of solitude and lonliness he had unknowingly created another persona within himself. This is where DAMIEN was born.


Steel Wool


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Giggles came from a home that wasn't rich or poor. Middle Income upbringing. Never wanted or needed anything. One day he went to the circus where he saw clowns and knew that was his passion. But when using his mother's make up to portray his new reality, the local kids teased him relentlessly. He snapped a couple times and realized the crimson red of blood was that perfect color for his make up he was missing. With the popularity of clowns coming mainstream for Halloween he joined a Haunted Attraction called the Dead End. They were working their trail at Fall festival where a few people may have gone missing or not and he encountered some sanctioned LFF matches. It drew him in and he realized he found his second calling. Finally some where to make them laugh and then screams it's all perfectly normal. 


Sora Tonin “The End”

The bullied kid. The punching bag. No one ever paid attention to him growing up unless they were beating him up. When he found pro wrestling he decided he wouldn’t be a nobody. He would be THE nobody. The man you would forget about and not think about. The man you thought was a jobber until he landed the 3 count or tapout on you. Fight all you want but in the end it’s the Sora Tonin that kicks in. 


King of karaoke

Mr Rock Newman,


 Sir, Imagine if you will, a man who has conquered another spectical in it's own right. A spectical that billions world wide, from concert halls in Japan to the dive bars in the USA and every where in between. The spectical I speak of is karaoke.  The competitor I bring to you this year is the man that many a recording artist pray every day for him to use their lyrical genius with his heavenly voice and take their mediocre songs to the glory that only he can bring to their songs. He is the long lost son of a famous band member from back in the day, but he doesn't want to be in their shadows so he is making a name for himself his own way. Singing songs and kicking... well, you know. And he is all out of songs to sing and win competitions with. So he has set his sight on the wrestling world. 


I present to you a man standing 6'3", 228lbs. By way of Melbourne, Australia. He is the King of Karaoke,  Bernard (Bernie) Gibb.


He is said to be the spitting image of his father, but with a few more muscles as while he was training his voice he was also training his body for something greater.


He is said to be a spitting image of Elias, from up north, in the ring as well. But what signals his finishes, in a show of true showmanship,  he breaks into song as he is working over his opponents just before hitting his finishes upon the revelation of the song's chorus.  He is a true showman that is very well rounded but relies upon his submission, strike and technique skills mostly. While you may not see him do many power moves, he has as wide a range in his arsenal while wrestling  as he does while singing.