The Freak Show arrive at Gen-Con 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages SRG Universe is proud to present to you. THE FREAK SHOW!

Gen-Con 2016 is merely weeks away now and we are excited to bring a special treat for all of you SRG Competitors. 

The Supershow's First TRIO! are finally stepping into the ring at GEN-CON 2016!
They will have a full set of finishers that we will be debuting at Gen-Con so make sure you guys dont miss out!

Think you have what it takes to take on the Freak Show? The winners of our Create a Stable Competition the Freak Show, arrive on the Supershow scene this year at GenCon. The only way to add them to your Legendary Fighting Federation is by grabbing 2 of your friends and taking on one of the SRG Universe members during our Supershow Intro's.