SRG Universe the second round of the CCC starts today. The winner of the CCC will go on to join the LFF along with The Young Bucks. Monday morning the polls will close and the next match will start. The rules for this round are as follows. Each comment with a Competitors name gets that Competitor 1 point. A comment and a share will get that Competitor 3 points. The Competitors with the most points at the end of each match will advance to the final round of the CCC!

You can only comment a Competitors name once from each account.

Comments on the Facebook post are worth 1 point.
A share is worth 3

Comment on @srg_universe Instagram photo of the matchup 1 point

A reply to @srguniverse on twitter
Tweet. 1 point
Getting a retweet of that reply 3 points

Commenting on the post on 1 point

Match 1: Lemmy Adam, El Pollo Emmascarda and The Phantasm.

Let's Roll