The next round of the CCC is posted! The Consultant, vs Dean Wilder, Oldy Blanderson, The UCF and Lolly Pop Demure.



Giggles came from a home that wasn't rich or poor. Middle Income upbringing. Never wanted or needed anything. One day he went to the circus where he saw clowns and knew that was his passion. But when using his mother's make up to portray his new reality, the local kids teased him relentlessly. He snapped a couple times and realized the crimson red of blood was that perfect color for his make up he was missing. With the popularity of clowns coming mainstream for Halloween he joined a Haunted Attraction called the Dead End. They were working their trail at Fall festival where a few people may have gone missing or not and he encountered some sanctioned LFF matches. It drew him in and he realized he found his second calling. Finally some where to make them laugh and then screams it's all perfectly normal. 

Big Bad Wolf


The lights dim...Ozzy's "Bark at the moon" kicks in... the announcer steps up as a figure looms into view.

"This bout is scheduled for ONE FALL!(one fall!)...making his way to the ring...from The North...weighing 296 pounds....the BIG...BAD...WOLF!"


The massive figure barely seems human, until the lights go up. Then it becomes clear that the man is wearing what appears to be a wolf pelt, it's head a hood. As he approches the pelt is thrown off to reveal a heavily muscled man with a wild beard emerging from beneath a wrestler's mask. His tights are a plain grey, his boots lined with black fur.


As he enters the ring he tears the microphone from the announcer's hand.

His voice is barely above a rumble, so deep it makes the Undertaker sound like a daytime TV host.

"I've come hunt. I tired of little pigs...I followed the moon...I followed my nose...they led me here...because you know what? The LFF is full...of sheep. Prime specemins...perfect prey for...a wolf."

He throws down the mic and stalks to a corner, crouching...waiting for his hunt to begin.


Elder Statesman

An olderman man who for years worked the territories as the masked wrestler The Skull after his in ring retirement Rock Newman hired him, without his mask as an announcer. One night while conducting an interview with Eddy Fury the young upstart attacked him. No one other than Rock knew  his history so when he asked his old friend for 1 more Match Rock agreed to give him a shot



The MoneyMakers started out like any normal couple, they met in college, feel in love. It was at this time Mr. MoneyMaker decided he needed to provide for the Mrs’ he started doing monthly bookkeeping for different business’s around the city. After a few months he found that he was getting paid well, and he could provide for the Mrs’ and himself.

After a few years Mr. MoneyMaker decided he wanted the nicer things in life, a bigger house, nicer car, vacation whenever he wants, the good life. So, he went to a known associate who dealt in the shadier side of business. This associate offered to handle any debt and financial issues the Mr. and Mrs. had if he would “handle” the books for a few of his business’ for a few years. With in the first few years the Mr. and Mrs. found themselves with more money than they could have imagined. So, the Mrs. opened a cupcake company.

The cupcake company was proving to be more profitable then doing shady book keeping. So Mr. MoneyMaker contacted the IRS and handed over years of illegal book keeping for immunity and agreeing to forfeit and earnings from the cupcake company and turn it over to the government for sale. By doing this the MoneyMakers were broke, no jail time but broke. Or so the U.S. government thought, Mr. and Mrs. had been saving money for years with the plan of getting out from underneath the thumb of the shady associate, the need of the cupcake company and now the US government.

Now needing to start from ground zero again Mr. and Mrs. had some knowledge from their former head baker who mentioned something about an underground fighting league. With no knowledge of where this fighting league is or how to find it, the MoneyMaker’s hired a private investigator to track down any leads on this underground fighting league. While the investigation happened, the MoneyMakers got to training and preparing their skills. One cold January eve in 2019 the PI, showed up at the home of the MoneyMakers and said they needed to hurry. The PI explained there was a tournament happening to allow a new fighter to join the LFF. Mr. MoneyMaker asked, “What the hell is the LFF?” the PI responded “That’s the underground fighting league you had me look into, I found a young man who is willing to sell his spot to you.” “Where is he now?” asked Mrs. MoneyMaker, “In the car” said the PI, “How much does he want?” asked Mrs. MoneyMaker with a wicked smile across her face, “$500,000” the PI responded. “Bring him out here and we’ll make sure he gets a Million Dollar Makeover” said the Mrs. The young man steps out the back of the SUV and walks over to the MoneyMakers. “So how do we get in to this LFF?” asked the Mrs., the young man looks her up and down and takes a fortune cookie out of his pocket “With this, and the note inside the cookie”, “Is the note still inside?” asked Mr. MoneyMaker “Yes” responded the young man, with in a blink of an eye the Mrs. superkicked the young man in his knee, as the young man dropped to a knee, Mr. MoneyMaker comes running from behind and delivers a knee to the back of his head, as this is happening Mrs. MoneyMaker came running forward and delivered a missile drop kick to the young mans face.  As the young man falls to the ground Mrs. MoneyMaker picks up the cookie and crushes it in her hand, “Here’s the note” she says, “Let’s get going” says Mr. MoneyMaker, “What about the kid?” the PI asks “He got his Million Dollar Makeover” Mrs. MoneyMaker responded. The MoneyMakers walk over to the waiting SUV, they both get in the back seat. After the door closes, the window rolls down and “Where are we going?” asked Mr. MoneyMaker, “Here’s the address it’ll look like a fortune cookie factory from the outside” said the PI, Mr. MoneyMaker takes the address and hands the PI and envelope, “You’ll find its all there and a little extra to get rid of the kid.” said Mr. MoneyMaker, “No problem, oh and I think I might have a lead for that other thing you wanted me to look into.” Responds the PI, “Keep in touch, we’ll talk soon.” Mr. MoneyMaker responds. The window of the SUV goes up and proceeds to take off.



When the circus where animal trainer Eugene Truman spent his life teaching animals to entertain the masses closed down a few years ago, he was looking forward to retirement.  The only part of his former life that would follow him into this next phase is Ursus, a young bear cub that he had been unable to find a home for elsewhere.


In retirement, Mr. Truman found that he had more free time than he was used to and started picking up hobbies.  One of these hobbies was watching pro wrestling at home.  Mr. Truman had been a fan of professional wrestling as a child, but with the responsibilities and travel of circus life he had little time for it in adulthood.  He noticed that as he watched wrestling, Ursus would mimic the moves he saw on television.


Feeling inspired, he decided that he would train Ursus to wrestle.  Ursus loved taking on his trainer in their sparring sessions.  As Ursus grew from a cub to an adult, he grew from a novice to an experienced wrestler.  Mr. Truman hired wrestling trainers to advise him on how to train Ursus and even had his protégé wrestle some local talent privately.  Ursus enjoyed each match, reveling in the struggle to pin his opponents.


Finally, Mr. Truman decided that it was time for Ursus to make his public wrestling debut.  The next challenge was determining where an attraction like Ursus could find a home.  Through his old circus connections, he learned that a man had parlayed his love of balloon animals into a career in a wrestling promotion known as the Legendary Fighting Federation.  Mr. Truman decided that this would be the promotion where his bear could continue doing what he loved - wrestling - and reached out to the powers that be for an opportunity to join.


Dumpster Fire

After the military, I had nowhere to go.  Nowhere to live.  Being 6'6" is tough on job searching, most people are just intimidated by my stature, they avoid eye contact or speaking to me at all.  So I knew I needed something where I could work alone most days and not deal with the public so much.  So I took up the easiest job I could think of to keep my mind busy and my body steady, waste management.  During my time as a garbage man, I would always notice certain things in people trash; wasted food, wasted electronics, torn clothes.  One thing I never found in a garbage bin most of the times, were suits.  I always looked up to people in suits, they look nice, always are charismatic, and even smell good.  Once in New York just making the normal rounds, I noticed a few individuals bullying a nice man.  Upon further examination, I noticed these people were wrestlers and the man in the suit must have been a manager of a sorts.  They yelled at him, spitting curses as loud as anyone could here.  The man in the suit kept his composure, knowing how little everyone else was compared to him.  I knew right then, that would be the man to work for.  That would be the person to follow.  That's when I took up all the information I could find to learn wrestling.  


When I took to the streets and asked about it, people kept telling me to try out for the Legendary Fighting Federation.  So, I did.  And I failed, fantastically.  During my visitation in Indianapolis at the GenCon venue, I wrestled everyone I could.  I fought hard, and loud.  During the Tag Team event, I was given a random partner, and we conquered the Origins tag team champions in mere minutes.  Then we went on to take on some newcomers and were victorious.  But alas, we fell in our 4th round.  Against the wiccan witch Sage and a little one as her partner.  After the match, Sage informed me that I did really well for a first timer and informed me of other locations to try out again.  I felt empowered, strengthened if you will.  Unfortunately, she yelled and screamed at the man in the suit, and I didn't like that, I had to find a way to impress the man in the suit so I could protect him when the time was needed.  I would make sure that I could dispose of the garbage that insulted him.


During some additional training, I was told I needed to have my own look, my own moves, and something that would make me stand out from the rest...

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Match 7 Round 1

Bobby/Mr. Papa the name.


growing up as a lil boy bobby was always willing and ready to be a number one wrestler but growing up in group homes in foster care he never was given the opportunity to become what he always knew he could be. So Bobby became a cameraman for a Wrestling Federation had he had the greatest shots the greatest angles throughout the wrestling world and became known as paparazzi. And one day he was approached by none other than mr. Hollywood who would ask him would you like for me to show you the ropes, Paparazzi replied of course, mr. Hollywood said but only if you become my personal photographer, and of course the agreement was made now being along mr. Hollywood Paparazzi knew he would have his chance at stardom, then the unexpected happened while taking photos one day for mr. Hollywood and a personal shoot Paparazzi accidentally took a picture of mr. Hollywood with no mask unknown to paparazzi there were no pictures taken of mr. Hollywood without a mask mr. Hollywood was totally upset to the point over him throwing Paparazzi camera to the ground and smashing it and letting him know through belittlement that you will never be a star in the L. F. F. And it was that day Paparazzi vowed to join the lff somehow and take vengeance upon mr. Hollywood. for years paparazzi tried many ways to join the lff to show mr. Hollywood that he would never be held down but nothing ever happened mr. Hollywood has made it to where paparazzi could never join the lff and become a champion, that is until one day Warehouse came along it showed Paparazzi all of the ropes of the ring to help fulfill the moment of peace that Paparazzi would get when he returned the favor to mr. Hollywood forgiving him that first shot.

My gimmick,

Outside of the Ring paparazzi is a teddy bear. During the holidays offering free photo shoots posing a Santa Claus and giving back to group homes just like the one he grew up in. In the ring paparazzi is a force to be reckoned with only seeing mr. Hollywood and everything he does there's no one or nothing that's going to get into his way of making mr. Hollywood realize he is a champion.


Last year, I failed to become part of the LFF as "The Roach" Logan Torres. 

I was crocky, full of myself. Thought money was all I needed. I was acting 

like someone I was not. I'm a family man... and I'll do anything for my

family. I survive. No amount of trauma will keep me down for long. PTSD isn't

enough to bet me. How will anyone else have a chance?


Professor Benedict Boulderfist


Growing up on the rich side of Boston, the 6’6 290 pound Benedict has always had a chip on his shoulder. Belonging to a true American blue blood family and the son of a Senator, many felt that being smart meant not being tough and boy how wrong they were about him. By day a Professor of Political Science , by night a bare knuckles brawler in the shady underbelly of the city. They laughed at him coming into the ring with his rolled up sleeves, slacks and vest, but after taking the Boston Bare Knuckles title, he quieted all his doubters. But his thirst for new competition led him to a new ring. The wrestling ring. After training in the family gym and hiring some of the most elite trainers from around the world, Boulderfist entered professional wrestling. To keep the secret from his family, he joined the elite underground LFF to compete with the best competition. Adding some moves to his arsenal such as the “Right to Bear Arms” right hook, his modified camel clutch called the “Constitutional Clutch”, or the injury inducing “A House Divided Cannot Stand”  full nelson pin. The LFF has a new striker in town and his fury will be unmatched in the ring. What is his goal? To add another prestigious gold belt to his shoulder.


Name: Shelby "The Witch's Apprentice" Romanoff

Gimmick: Shelby is an accomplished athlete for such a young age. She is very kind, shy, and not talkative. However, when she gets into competition, she opens up and talks smack as she is utilizing her skill set to win the match. She also has been training under the tutelage of Sage after their memorable run at GenCon.

Backstory: Shelby has always been a multi-sport athlete ever since she was a small child. She started learning the Sweet Science and had developed a fearsome knockout shot by the time she was 9. She began following in her fathers footsteps and competed in amateur boxing, racking up wins left and right dominating her division. While she was honing her skills as a Boxer, she also found a 2nd love, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She didn't slack on her BJJ while competing as a boxer, learning how to lock in submissions fast and strong. As Shelby got older, she wanted to become a MMA fighter but her mother would have none of it. Instead of letting her dreams die, she kept trying to find other avenues to be a fighter and that's when she ran into a rowdy bunch called the New Wool Order. She began competing and found she liked wrestling alot, as it let her utilize the skillset she had spent years developing. Very quickly she found she was very good at wrestling, as she nearly captured the CBW Heavyweight title numerous times. At GenCon, she found her "sensei" or teacher, by teaming up with Sage the Wiccan Witch. Their dynamic tag team was 1 match away from claiming the GenCon Tag Titles and ever since then Shelby has been honing her craft


Tag Team: KYwi Connection 

Chester the Jester and

Mic Riot.



At Gencon 2017 these two men did the unthinkable and pulled off the biggest swerve in LFF history. Its was the year of the KSW, the KSW had won the underworld title, the World Title and with one last title on the line the Jester was set to bring home the 3rd title for KSW. However he was up against the upstart Kiwi from NZ a man who had made it to the finals with an Undefeated streak, Mic Riot of the ACCW. 

In what was a hard fought battle the Jester got the 3 count the crowd went wild, chants of KSW! KSW!KSW! but in that moment thing all changed. The Jester was presented the tornado tag Belts and as the crowd was cheering the mood quickly changed to disbelief as he handed one of the belts to Mic Riot and announced he was joining the ACCW and him and Mic Riot were your LFF Tornado Tag Champs. 

Well this didn't sit well with the Kings and in particular King Greatness couldn't let it go and challenged the Jester to a best of seven Slap Bet Series. King Greatness won this and slapped the Jester back into KSW. However even while the KSW look on Chester as a clown he is no man's fool, buying his time he waited for the cracks to form in the KSW, when the opportunity presented itself the Jester pounced again and stole the KSW GM position from out under the nose of King Greatness.

After a 2nd Slap bet Series was held which the Jester's team won, only to have LFF GM John Calase overturn the decision, the Jester knew there was only one person who would have his back, he had to reach out across the ocean to Mic Riot. 

Forming the team KYwi Connection, these two men are on a mission to prove to the world they are more than just the entertainment. Their goal is to become the Greatest tag team in the LFF and along the way proving to the KSW and the LFF they ain't no joke! #AintnoJoke



Match 6 Round 1



He is a self delusional schizophrenic who enjoys playing mind games, intentional or not. At times he seems intelligent, playful and friendly, but can lash out in anger at any moment. 

For the past three years Damien has been a patient of a mental asylum, where he has convinced himself that he's normal and nothing is wrong with him. This has not only dragged him down mentally, but also the people around him. One person in particular was someone he met during arts and crafts, Gregory Patrick Scott (refered to him simply as "G"). They became close friends and Gregory was the only person who believed Damien was normal and it meant the world to him. But soon after his only friend abandoned him, G had escaped the asylum. He felt angry and betrayed until one day his cell door opened and it was G's therapist with a note and directions to join a competition for a spot on the L.F.F roster. 

Wrestling had been an escape for him in his childhood. His parents were rich, but paid the second unworthy child damien no attention sending his older brother to a private school and leaving him to homeschool with the butler. While his parents constantly threw masquerade party's he would sit alone watching wrestling wearing one of the masks he had slipped from the party. After years of solitude and lonliness he had unknowingly created another persona within himself. This is where DAMIEN was born.


Steel Wool


Sent from Mail for Windows 10


Giggles came from a home that wasn't rich or poor. Middle Income upbringing. Never wanted or needed anything. One day he went to the circus where he saw clowns and knew that was his passion. But when using his mother's make up to portray his new reality, the local kids teased him relentlessly. He snapped a couple times and realized the crimson red of blood was that perfect color for his make up he was missing. With the popularity of clowns coming mainstream for Halloween he joined a Haunted Attraction called the Dead End. They were working their trail at Fall festival where a few people may have gone missing or not and he encountered some sanctioned LFF matches. It drew him in and he realized he found his second calling. Finally some where to make them laugh and then screams it's all perfectly normal. 


Sora Tonin “The End”

The bullied kid. The punching bag. No one ever paid attention to him growing up unless they were beating him up. When he found pro wrestling he decided he wouldn’t be a nobody. He would be THE nobody. The man you would forget about and not think about. The man you thought was a jobber until he landed the 3 count or tapout on you. Fight all you want but in the end it’s the Sora Tonin that kicks in. 


King of karaoke

Mr Rock Newman,


 Sir, Imagine if you will, a man who has conquered another spectical in it's own right. A spectical that billions world wide, from concert halls in Japan to the dive bars in the USA and every where in between. The spectical I speak of is karaoke.  The competitor I bring to you this year is the man that many a recording artist pray every day for him to use their lyrical genius with his heavenly voice and take their mediocre songs to the glory that only he can bring to their songs. He is the long lost son of a famous band member from back in the day, but he doesn't want to be in their shadows so he is making a name for himself his own way. Singing songs and kicking... well, you know. And he is all out of songs to sing and win competitions with. So he has set his sight on the wrestling world. 


I present to you a man standing 6'3", 228lbs. By way of Melbourne, Australia. He is the King of Karaoke,  Bernard (Bernie) Gibb.


He is said to be the spitting image of his father, but with a few more muscles as while he was training his voice he was also training his body for something greater.


He is said to be a spitting image of Elias, from up north, in the ring as well. But what signals his finishes, in a show of true showmanship,  he breaks into song as he is working over his opponents just before hitting his finishes upon the revelation of the song's chorus.  He is a true showman that is very well rounded but relies upon his submission, strike and technique skills mostly. While you may not see him do many power moves, he has as wide a range in his arsenal while wrestling  as he does while singing. 

Match 5 Round 1

Abarax Malathor

Absolute Zero

Ricky Riot

El Super Hombre dark

The Grump


                Super Hombre Dark


Has El Super Hombre broke bad or is it a deranged psychopath that is imitating Supershows top face?  Super Hombre Dark is a dastardly monster heel and one of the strongest competitors in the LFF. His physique is identical to El Super Hombre but he has a darker skin tone.  He has two goals in the LFF. One to capture the Heavyweight championship  and second to Destroy EL Super Hombre’s legacy.  In reality back in the day when Super Hombre was working on his signature moves he had a sparring partner that was injured by Hombre’s El Super Slam. Is this that sparring partner or has Hombre created a split personality out of guilt from his dark secret?  Super Hombre Dark keeps everyone guessing by showing up to shows El Super Hombre is not booked on and then makes impromptu challenges.

Super Hombre Dark wears a black mask similar to Hombre’s  splattered with red across the mouth and eyes.  He also wears a black and red version of Super Hombre’s tights that says Dark on the back. He has taped fists that always seem to have dried blood on them. He wears red elbow and knee pads along with black wrestling boots.

"I am Abraxas, the first of many and general of the Empire of Malevitrious. This mud ball of a planet will make an excellent outpost for our future conquests.

So come, I challenge your greatest warriors, fighters, and whatever defenders you have. I will break them in-front of you in this very arena"




Abraxas claims to be an alien invader, the leader of a great space army, with eyes set on Earth as his next prize. Seeing the LFF as home to the greatest warriors and fighters on the planet, he has decided this must be the planet's last line of defense. And so to prove his dominance, he will defeat them all in their preferred means of combat. After all, his is not a warrior without honor and pride. Once he grasps this "LFF Championship", an object of power to these weak creatures, the true conquest will begin. 




Ricky Riot


Backstory and Introduction to the LFF


Born in a small town, but ran away to be raised by the city streets. Ricky Riot earned his name from his reputation of inciting riots where ever he went. From punk shows to late night dinners where Ricky Riot goes anarchy and chaos follows. Ricky discovered the LFF when he was looking for a place to lay low from local law enforcement after inciting a city wide riot. While watching the show Ricky was so excited to join in on the action that he jumped the railing during a tag team contest and challenged both teams.    

own or crest of horns and silver mouth. The sharp wings on his boots are gold, and his pants are black across the thighs.


Official CCC entry for: The Grump


After cruising on the wave of support of his Grumpy Groupies to the top 4 of the CCC in 2017, Grumpy Danny Thunder faced the one thing he could not defeat… A lame duck of a tag-team partner, Eddy Fury. Despite the efforts of the Grumpaholics to carry their tag-team, Eddy Fury was pinned by Sierra Nevada for a second time during the CCC and just like that, without being beaten himself, Grumpy Danny Thunder was eliminated as the hundreds…and hundreds of Grumpimaniacs cried out in sadness.


Emotionally shattered and full of grump, Danny Thunder withdrew from the public eye to train for his next opportunity. He took his talents to south beach…the southern beaches of Mexico! Taking up the mask and learning Lucha Libre style, Grumpy Danny Thunder became ‘El Trueno Grumpio Jr’. Learning Spanish instantly and utilizing English subtitles even in person, El Trueno Grumpio Jr took Mexico by storm. Lucha Libre Titles and accolades weren’t enough for El Trueno Grumpio Jr however. His mask soaked with Grumpy tears every night…he missed his Grumpy Groupies..and being able to breathe without a damn mask on! So El Trueno hung up his Lucha life and headed back north reinvented yet again. With the 2018 CCC looming, the Grumpy one, now armed with refined high flying skills and a vast knowledge of the Spanish language using English subtitles, sets his sights on the only thing that can satisfy him. A spot on the LFF roster. THE GRUMP IS HERE!



Absolute Zero


Born in Long Island in 1980s Absolute Zero is a wrestler by day and a rocker star by night. Growing up as a kid he admired such wrestlers such as Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, Jeff Hardy and always dreamed of becoming champion one day Striving to reach greater heights that no one has ever gone before. While growing up he also developed a strong passion for rock music and created his own band Zero Life a heavy metal rock band that has toured around the world . While writing songs on the road he is constantly looking for bigger and stronger competition and never gives up a fight. In the ring he does love to play dirty and wow the crowd when he gets a chance  in order to win. He is hoping that one day he will be inducted into SRG so he can wrestle with the biggest and baddest and show them who the real rockstar is  


Match 4 Round 1

The Following contest is set for a 48 hour time limit.

Ben Monster

He reigns from parts unknown, aka Lindenhurst, Long Island, NY, where he humbly started out as a freelance beat reporter, doing man on the street interviews and fluff pieces for local news outlets. Growing bored with stories of bake offs and one sided 2 legged dog adoptions, he discovered the magic and majesty of local long island public access tv where he could have complete creative control of his craft. But after a programing time slot argument gone wrong with Bob Klementine, leaving him super annoyed on Wednesday, he decided to set his goals on becoming the most electrifying Sports Entertainment Public Access Show Entertainer (SEPASE) the world has ever seen.

Mary O'Nette, the Corporate Puppet

The LFF has been very successful over the past few years, and it has some companies who are interested in buying Rock Newmann's product. Newman turned down every offer that came to him. 

One company took it personally.

This company sent a herald, to show how powerful an enemy Newmann has made. This herald is named, 

Mary O'Nette, the Corporate Puppet

Standing at 5'9", this cool drink of water boasts long limbs to be able to trap her opponents with, and with her keen knowledge on the human anatomy, she is able to submit her opponent's with ease. With an elegant display of grace she emits, she can intimidate even the coolest of heads. 

Why she is here:

After the almost overnight success of Rock Newman's own Legendary Fighting Federation, many companies and corporations have wanted in on the acquisition of the LFF. Mary O'Nette works for one who wouldn't take No for an answer. Her company has allowed her to show Newman exactly what he is missing by not selling.
Juan Andres

“El Jefe” is most certainly a legitimate entrepreneur, and most certainly NOT an infamous Mexican cartel drug lord. As the man responsible for funding the Chicago-based XCW, Xtreme Card Wrestling organization, Juan Andrés made his presence known in February of 2018. XCW Commissioner, Xander Charlatan, fell way behind on his payments to El Jefe so the real boss showed up at XCW’s Valentine’s Massacre II. He sent texts to find Charlatan’s whereabouts (next page). Xander was tasked to “clean” money from Andres by using it to take a small startup wrestling company and turned it into one of the biggest in the world. The now former XCW commissioner most certainly used up all that cash, but cleverly forgot about the paying it back part. Chalking up the Charlatan situation as a temporary loss, Juan Andrés has now taken his US headquarters of Conquest Enterprises to Colorado for yet another business opportunity.


Baasuké Ewechia

Background and Gimmick: Baasuké is a determermined and powerful competitor coming from a ninjitsu background who's family was killed in a fire started by a mystery LFF competitor whom he is seeking answers and unleashing vengeance upon them by defeating them ending their career.


Straight out of Cashville, Tennessee, Swain Neto really needs no introduction. Swain never had problems being popular. He seemed to always gather crowds with his epic freestyles and amazing beatbox skills. After college Swain knew he didn't want to be some regular guy from the I.T department. So, he decided to put his unique skills on social media where he became an overnight success. As far as likes and follows go Swain had plenty, but they really took off when he decided to DJ under the name, Swagneto. When Bailo couldn't provide entertainment one night for the L.F.F he called Swagneto to step in. The environment was on fire that night. Ken Broadway made it rain, the Freakshow were extra freaky, Dayna Might was explosive, Lemmy Adam took on all challengers, the Immortal Warrior teamed with Vic the Brick for an instant classic against the Tiki Twins, Snake Pitt and El Super Hombre battled to a time limit draw, all the while Swagneto laid down the tracks for all the L.F.F family to enjoy the show between matches. It got Swagneto thinking maybe the L.F.F is where he belongs. The decision is up to you!



Match 3 Round 1 2018 CCC

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

The Masked Beetle
The Masked Beetle is from the far way planet of Kamen. The people of Kamen are intergalactic crime fighters who fight for justice and to take down all evils. They a unique ability the helps them fight against evil. This power gives them the ability to spawn bug like armor over their humanoid bodies to assist in fighting against evil. With this bug armor power, the people of Kamen did have their enemies most notably The Black Scorpions. The Black Scorpions attacked and razed the planet of Kamen. The Masked Beetle was one of the few to escape before the planet of Kamen was destroyed by the Black Scorpions. With the Black Scorpions in pursuit of the survivors of Kamen, The Masked Beetle crash-landed to Earth more specifically Japan.
This is where he saw people like him, masked people fighting in a square ring. The Masked Beetle saw this as a chance for him to be able to continue fighting for justice. He started to wrestle during an open challenge at a small Japanese promotion. From that moment on The Masked Beetle started to gain popularity in Japan. While in a small ramen shop in Tokyo, The Masked Beetle met a man in kabuki paint, The Great Oniman. There they swapped wrestling stories, The Great Oniman talked about a tough new opponent who was causing trouble, The Black Scorpion! The Masked Beetle instantly knew that the Black Scorpion was no regular masked wrestler and knew what he had to do. The Masked Beetle needed to know where this wrestling promotion was. While The Great Oniman said it was a secret, he did reveal that the Black Scorpion was a part of the LFF. The Masked Beetle knew he had to go to the LFF to stop the Black Scorpion to save the LFF and possibly the world.
Little is known about the non-masked form of The Masked Beetle. Rumors have said that he had short black hair, wears a brown motorcycle jacket and wears black riding gloves. When The Masked Beetle enters a wrestling match, smokes overs the entrance way and the silhouette of The Masked Beetle appears with his back turned to the crowd. With his fist raised to the sky, he yells “Beetle Form” and a multi-colored glow surrounds him. As he turns around, pyro goes off and The Masked Beetle revels himself. His beetle form is a green and black spandex bodysuit segmented like armor on his body. He wears a mask that is green and black with two red eyes and a giant stag beetle like horn coming of the center of the mask.
The Masked Beetle is fast and agile. From both his time wrestling in Japan and his beetle power, his punches and kicks are extremely powerful. He is a daredevil able to do impressive moves off the tope rope. While not the most powerful, he has a never say die attitude. He is a fighter for justice. He does not cheat in his matches and will do anything to stop someone from cheating in a match.
His finishers include an impressive drop kick off the top rope. When he gets to the top rope he always raises his fist to the sky and screams, “ JUSTICE KICK! ” as he comes off the top rope.
He uses the burning hammer as a grapple finisher called EVIL WILL NOT PREVAIL because when he gets the gets the opponent on his shoulder he screams “EVIL WILL NOT PREVAIL!!!”.
His submission finisher is a bridging fujiwara armbar. This move he picked up during his time in Japan and learning the more technical side of wrestling. It is called “FOR KAMEN” in tribute to his people lost when the Black Scorpions attacked. When he locks in the armbar he always screams, “FOR KAMEN!!!”

The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil hails from parts unknown, New Jersey. He doesn’t say much, because his actions speak louder then his words. He is dressed in solid red ring gear, with black accents. His mask has devils horns on it. The Jersey Devil strikes from behind before the match starts, hoping to annihilate his opponents. This gets the crowd pumped (which is why the crowd meter starts at +1). Since the entire arena gets pitch black, and an eerie red lighting affect comes on, no one knows where the Devil will strike! He is on ruthless SOB!

Backstory: The Jersey Devil has been terrorizing the citizens of the Northeast for years, but now he has become a “urban myth”. He has appeared in the “Weird New Jersey” books enough that people no longer fear him. So, he decided to take the victimization out of the borders of the Garden State and invade the LFF. Does he care about money? NO! Does he care about thousands of loyal fans? NO! He cares only about one thing, and one thing only, inflicting as much pain and suffering to his opponents, when they tap out, or are knocked out, he will inflict more until he is the only one standing in the LFF.

The Cthulhu Kid:

Phillip Howard always knew he was different. Maybe it was his green skin. Maybe his bulbous head. Maybe it was his small fleshy wings. It could even be his tentacled face. Whatever the reason, Phillip never found his place in the world.

Until one day, he was taken in by a gruff professional wrestler that had a warlock gimmick. The old wrestler believed that by training Phillip the ancient ways of professional wrestling, they could unluck his ultimate strength and bring about the end of the known universe. Thus, The Cthulhu Kid was born!

The Cthulhu Kid enters the ring wearing a full red and black cultist robe lined with ancient runes. He wears a hood covering his head while he slowly lumbers to the ring.

His music is a deep, almost chanting, song. It makes chills run your spine and the feel is ominous.

The arena is dark but for a few purple and red lights. The Cthulhu Kid needs no spectacle to announce his arrival.

Once he makes his way into the ring, he says a prayer chant, and in one full movement removes the top half of his Rob and revealing the disfigured octopoidal head, veiny, fleshy wings, muscular arms, and round small paunch stomach. The Cthulhu Kid stands an amazing 6'5". His frame is not fit, but clearly strong. 

Cthulhu Kid's wrestling style is very technical and focuses heavily on ring psychology. He works heavily on submissions to weaken his opponent and drive them mad.

This does not mean he shies completely from grapples and strikes. Quite the opposite. Often his initial attacks will be strikes and grapples to focus on certain areas of the body and then finish them off with a submission on the weakened area.

Once Cthulhu Kid is ready to finish the match, he will start using his signature moves. The first is a mighty grapple chokeslam called the "Chokeslam to R'lyeh".
The next is a big boot named "The Call". Often hit when the opponent is dazed and Cthulhu Kid makes a motion for him to come closer while chanting.

The most devastating maneuver Cthulhu Kid uses is a dragon sleeper know as "Wgah'Nagl Fhtagn", which translates roughly to "The Waiting Dream".

Son of snake
Shane Strickland 

A man who never knew his father growing up and in his home wrestling was forbidden until the day that his mother passed away being 18 years old and having no family Shane found himself on the street fending for himself wondering who his father was stumbling across a poster for a job 1 night only janitor needed a LFF event he didn’t care it was money to be made until he got there and the electricity in the air took his breathe away the lights the crowd he never knew anything about wrestling but one step in this building and he knew this was his life this is where he needed to be but it wasn’t until the end of the night the main event he seen a wrestler who he felt a connection to that every motion every move he felt like he had seen it all before after the match he found that wrestler it was snake Pitt after a short conversation he had found something he never thought he would find in wrestling it was his father in what he thought would end as a feel good moment he learned the most important lesson to never trust a snake as Shane hugged his father snake snapped piledriving and kicking Shane his “son” in the head he de masked himself dropping the mask beside the wounded kid looking in his eyes you mean nothing as snake slithered away. Waking up in a hospital room thinking what just happened the mask sitting on the table next to Shane gave him one thought only the old man would pay for abandoning him and his mother and for what he did to him that night thinking of one thing his revenge Shane retreated from the hospital telling himself one day snake Pitt will feel the pain he felt the heartbreak but he would come back stronger and this time ready for a fight

Round 1, Match 2 of the 2018 CCC

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

Mark the Salty Sailor Perre

Salty. Referring to someone or something with a lot of experience, particularly at sea. A salty Sailor is one who has been around a while. A salty uniform is more faded and obviously used but still sharp. Salty language is language salted with profanities or obscenities. All of these hold true for the Salty Sailor. Salty Sailor is salty when he gets beat due to cards being buried, or by others being able to draw cards. Salty Sailor is a sailor that tried to become a seal but failed and had to ring the bell. But that ring of a bell sound is his nemesis that drives him onto a new passion and that is to become the wrestler that makes all competitors he faces salty with envy. The Salty Sailor has embarked on the journey to proving his worth to L.F.F. GM John Calace.

The Dinosaur Kid
Born in a time where violent creatures roamed the earth this cave-baby was left to defend himself from the dinosaurs. But found by a caring mother triceratops she protected him raised him he became a member of her pack bringing down Dinosaurs 100x his size and every cave person he found hoping to find the cave family that abandoned him. His violent behavior couldn’t be contained until he was frozen in ice. But now he has thawed and is heading Straight for the LFF after seeing a poster with a caveman on it. His plans are to take out that caveman with the move he took out Dinosaurs and cave people alike with the deadly moves he has learned the TriceraDrop, Jurassic lock, or the meteor shower


Learning to be tough as nails came with the territory. Her parents died when she was a baby, killed in a car accident that nearly took her as well. Her dad was a member of the Wolf Pack, a motorcycle club lead by Poppa Wheelie so she wasn't without family. She was taken in by the gang and earned her way in. Not like the other women in the gang, she now rides in her own right. She has also proven time and again that she is not a hanger on but a full fledged member. Growing up in the MC, she learned to fight along side Anarchy's Son and Poppa himself. She learned both the dirty tricks and how to flat knock someone out when needed. She is a fearless competitor and is absolutely not afraid to lay her own body on the line if it means ending her opponent. 

Her time came when she followed Poppa and Son to the ring. It was Poppa's big match and the Pack was on hand to make sure no one interfered. As she watched the match from ringside, she noticed that Poppa and the Rising son were having one heck of a match. Poppa fell backwards and tugged the Ref while Rising Son bounced off the Ropes going for a running face kick. The crack of the shovel slamming into the back of his head could be heard throughout the arena but the ref's attention was on Poppa. Rising son hit the mat like a felled tree and Poppa moved quickly for the cover. Suddenly the curtain is thrown open as the "Man" him self Super Hombre is running toward the ring. With seconds to spare Unique jumps onto the ring Apron and catches the champ with a flying Power Bomb
slamming his head into the concrete at the foot of the ring. Her body hitting hard but a fierce grin alighting on her face. Anarchy's Son is there within a second putting the boots to Super Hombre as Poppa takes out his frustration on Rising Son. The Boos from the crowd only rouse the adrenalin coursing through her as she joins the Pack as they deliver a beatdown to the Super Son's and launching her career in the LFF.

Clean Judgement
We are the law, the law is clear, the law is final, there’s no second thoughts or second chances. You’re either with us or against us

Round 1, Match 1 of the 2018 CCC.

The Following Contest is a Fatal 4 way match, and it is scheduled for 1 FALL (1 fall!). It is set for a 48 hour time limit. The rules of this contest are simple. Vote with the attached poll, you can vote one time every hour for the Competitor of your choosing. At the end of the 48 hour time the Competitor with the most votes will advance in the CCC.

Below is the Backstories presented by their creators unedited.

Jacque Ee

He is a former French Canadian jockey from Montreal. He got kicked out of the racing industry for cheating during races fixed by his old horse trainer, The Italian Bombada. Together they've been traveling North America looking for work. Italian Bombada contacted Jacque Ee and asked him to come to the LFF so they can take over another industry like they did the horse racing game.

The Baldridge Bruiser

The story behind it is my best friend and brother in law was a huge wrestling fan and passed away two years and would have to loved to play Supershow. His finishers would be the balding slam the ridge as a submission and bruiser loser as the third. His look would be a bald man with mechanic clothes on and grease on him and a mask to hide his face so his identity is secret. I think it would be awesome to always have him with me when I play the best game ever. His backstory is he a hardworking man that sticks up for the ones who cannot by day a mechanic by night he is the bruiser a famous local wrestler. Kids women and children love him. Evil Gms and other heels hate him because he does what is right.


GI grew up on a farm in Rural West Virginia. Between School and work, there was not much time for muich else. He grew strong putting up hay and feeding the horses and cows. Tiring of the boredom of the farm and wanting to see the world, he ran to the recruiting office on his 18th birthday. He was the perfect soldier, with his years of hard work developing his body with a core strength unrivaledin his squad. He served his country for several years on battlefields all across the world first in the Army Infantry and 
then as a Ranger. He learned many fighting techniques through his military training and became quite good at fighting both with small arms and just hand to hand. An IED explosion sent shrapnel tearing through his body and left him fighting for his life. He survived but was discharged due to his injuries. Back home, he took a few security jobs and began to float. The Farm was too dull and the work he found did not bring the same level of adrenaline that his time in service gave him. One night, he stopped in this little Chinese
restaurant to grab a meal and talked to the wise looking owner since it was mostly empty. They talked through the whole meal and shared a few laughs. As he was getting ready to leave, the old man smiled and said "Don't forget your cookie" and handed him one of the cellophane rapped fortune cookies. "Never know... may change your life" he laughed . As he stepped out into the cool night air he popped open the wrapper and pulled out the cookie shaking his head at the old man. The cookie broke open with a sharp pop in the cool night air and he slipped out the white paper contained inside. It was an address and tonights date and 8 pm. Looking at his watch he began to jog down the street. He could just make it if he hurried. The large metal door greeted him with LFF written above it. It was locked but when he wrapped his knuckles against the cold metal the hollow sound brought a clink from within as the door was unlocked and opened. As he walked into the building the Big Shot stepped in front of him smiling. "New meat I see..." Big shot paused. "Don't your worry son I will make your debut quick, just not painless for you. He points toward the ramp leading through a curtain and as he stepped through the lights almost blinded him and the roar of the crowd almost deafening filled his ears. That cold metal feeling
of adrenaline began to course through his body as he moved toward the ring. The Big Shots music rocked the crowd to their feet as the Big Shot ran toward the ring. As quickly as the match began, it ended but not as the Big Shot predicted. Catching the big man by surprise with a combat boot to the gut and followed by The Stars and Stripes, theBig Shot was left unconscious and the crowd's thunderous roar accompanied him to the back. GI knew this is what he was missing and he was now on the road toward Gold and Glory.

The Fourth Horseman

Something wasn’t quite the same this time around. Normally, Matt Smith, English teacher by day and Hobby shop owner by night, picked up his friend Ben and met the two Coreys at some destination point around Indianapolis. This was one of the normal Gencon rituals. Get down early, watch a movie, find a hype man at the bar (preferably Scottish) and then proceed to bring the house down with some killer karaoke. 

Every one of these activities was as clockwork as hitting Island Noodles. As Cory Smith running over a curb. 

But something wasn’t quite the same this time. Something felt...different. The year before had been exhilarating. Always up for a challenge, the Michigan boys always try new games. In 2017 Supershow had been the new game. While Ben had begun a few years before and kept trying to get the rest of the crew in, this was the year it finally stuck. And what a summer that was. A wrestling mat in the center of ring, a bell, a shrewd GM, crazy masks, the XCW, the KSW, a proposal, the shouts of ONE FALL and finally a story book ending with the crowning of a World Champion. 

It was everything they wanted to be a part of and more. 

With the taste of that greatness on their lips, the Michigan team went home and began putting together decks to come back in 2018. The success of KSW was dominant. They had won everything north of Kentucky and the Michigan team wanted to taste that success. The excitement was high, but like a roller coaster, the momentum went up and down. Just three weeks after Gencon the summer was over and real life took over. It was time to get back to the grind. 

But this year, this summer, 2018, something was just not right. Sure, the rituals were still there. The games, the food, the amazing wonder that is all that Gencon is every year. But this time around something was quite different. 

It began on Thursday, really. The excitement was in the air for the Underworld Championship. The tickets were purchased, the decks were shuffled, and the Michigan men were ready to go. 

As the tournament went on, each Michigan player began to gain confidence, to go..outside of their comfort zone...and to play, just slightly, outside of their ability. The rolls were going their way, the cards came out that they needed, and their opponents were unable to draw what they needed, but just ever so slightly. Slowly members of the team began to return to their normal play, missing an escape, and succumbing to a tap out. 

Eventually one was still left though and his success was unbelievable. Ben, the lone member of the team, was playing out of his mind. He had run through former champions, local winners, and members of the KSW and at this point going in to the triple team match the Kentucky boys were happier than ol’ Blue layin’ on the porch chewin’ on a big ol’ catfish head. 

This was probably going to be his last go around. Sitting down with King Greatness and another King, it was probably his last dance. Obviously the two were about to close the deal with him and they had already began to decide which of them would go for the belt. But that feeling, that difference maker, that uneasiness that sits in the pit of your stomach, that came back, and in a big way. Ben sat down at the table and stopped fighting that feeling. He let it take over his being. On the outside, he seemed fine, as normal, but inside something had taken over and he was locked in. 

Most people might attribute this to something like an athlete or performance artist “going in the zone”—emotionally and physically hitting a sense of perfect balance and feeling as if they couldn’t lose. But this was different—almost as if something supernatural, or otherworldly, were taking control. 

Ben sat down with a calmness in his eye and a grin for the Kings. Turn one he dropped a punch that was met without a counter. Turn two, a submission that drew a groan from the King’s spectators, but again stuck. Turn three, and the last turn, a final submission that hit the table and this time drew silence. ONE….as both players rolled together….TWO….as the nervousness set in….THREE! 

The unthinkable. 

Who was this person? Who could take down not one, but two Kings at the same time? The Michigan men went crazy. This could possibly happen. The rest, the fairy tale, happened in a way that couldn’t be scripted. Ben met another King in the finals, and through intentional and innovative thinking, won convincingly. The Underworld Title was coming home to Michigan. 

Ben, the one who had brought Supershow to Michigan, had won the Underworld Championship and won the respect of KSW in the process. 

But something wasn’t quite right and without saying it, the team knew it. Later that night Corey jokingly exclaimed that the team was playing out of their minds. He also noted it must have been fate, as there should have been no possible chance that Ben won that belt with his untuned deck. It was hard to argue with him. Even Ben admitted that something had come over him. 

The next day, as most know, the story stayed the same, but this time it was the Cory’s turn—everything went right, the impossible became the possible, and two more members of the Michigan team won the Tag Team Championships! What a weekend. Three belts in two days—a feat that was nearly impossible. 

That night there was no discussion. Each member knew. Something had taken over and this time there was no denying it. The team had transformed. What had started slowly with Ben and then spread to each Cory, had crept into Matt. Fate had spoken. KSW’s reign on the LFF was to be no more. In fact, it was to be put to an end by supernatural means. 

The Four Horsemen had arrived. 

Each identity was no more. No longer when the Michigan team sat down at a match were they Ben, Cory, Corey or Matt. They were Conquest, Famine, War and Death—sent by some divine intervention to stop the stranglehold that KSW had on the wrestling world. 

The time for pleasantries were over. One of those members had not taken a belt and when they entered the arena for the last time it was to claim the World Championship belt. They descended on the field from four corners of the hall, each donned appropriately colored robes. 

As the entries went up, the Fourth Horseman, Conquest, was ringing up opponent after opponent. Each trip to the owner, Steve Resk, was met with disbelief, until at 5-0 the Fourth Horsemen had lost a close one to head into the playoff rounds at 6-1 losing out on a perfect record by a hair. 

Sitting down in the first final match, the Horseman looked up to see an imposing figure—the renowned Rob Graves towering over him. Last year’s finalist. No mind, other forces were at work and Graves was mercifully evicted from the tournament. 

Then, as it seemed that this was to be a trifecta, that this year’s Gencon was to be ruled by the Kings of the North, the Fourth Horseman ran into the end. The Kingslayers couldn't dodge defeat all weekend, and in a matter of two turns, it was over. 

The supernatural drape fell. The visage lifted. Matt Smith was back but the pain of defeat hung over his head like a pale death and the toll of Fate had taken its course. The weekend had drained the Michigan team of all they had to offer. For three of those men, the glint of gold and fame was enough to ride high on. They had tasted sweet victory and basked in its glory. 

But for the Fourth Horseman...for Matt Smith...the teacher by day and hobby shop owner by night...the respite had never touched his waist. The gold had eluded him. 

To this day it still haunts him. 

Perhaps that magical enchantment, Fate’s own sweet succor, will someday grace his team again. But it might be to have that happen someone needs to take hold of the LFF and dominate like the KSW did back in 2017. Maybe a sheep, or a New Yorker, a king or a southerner. Maybe if that happens those same supernatural forces may find a way to exert some control.

And then maybe the Fourth Horseman can get his gold.


The Following contest is scheduled for 1 Fall (ONE FALL), and it is for the 2017 Create a Competitor Championship! 

Introducing first, Hailing from Camp Nevada she is the 2017 Rookie of the Year she is Sierra Nevada.

And her opponent, Representing Rampage Wrestling, he is the leader of the Maniac Militia, Maniac Jester.

Only one of these competitors will Join a Spectacle so GRAND it can only be called the Supershow!

Will the Rookie of the year Sierra Nevada overcome another obstacle in her way, or will the Leader of the Maniac Militia over overtake the competition?

Here's how it's going to go down!

Each Comment on is worth 2 Points!

For Sierra Nevada comment Camp Nevada, and for the Maniac Jester comment, The Maniac Militia.


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The following contest is the Semi-Finals Match of the 2017 Create a Competitor Competition!
It’s is set for 1 Fall with a 23 hour time limit! It is the 1st ever Tag Team Match, and it is a hurdle for 1 fall! (One Fall!). Here are the rules for Beauty and the Beast, Sierra Nevada and Maniac Jester vs Sound and Fury, Grumpy Danny Thunder and Eddy Fury.



Final Match of Round 2. Eddy Fury VS The Roach Logan Torres

The following contest, is the FINAL match of ROUND 2 on the 2017 SRG Universe Create a Competitor Competition, and it is scheduled for one fall (ONE FALL!). The Roach Logan Torres takes on Mr. Las Vegas Eddy Fury in match set for a 48 hour time limit! For Eddy Fury comment The only Talent with the Talent, or for the Roach Logan Torres comment, In SRG, the Roach steps on you! Good Luck Rookies!

Round 2 Match 3. Project Canada VS The Maniac Jester!

Round 2 match 3 of the 2017 CCC is underway! The following contest, between Project Canada and The Maniac Jester is a HANDICAP MATCH, and it is scheduled for one fall (ONE FALL). It is set with a 49 hour time limit, ending on Tuesday at 9PM EST. For Project Canada, comment You've yet to see the Cold War, and for the Maniac Jester Comment, Wise enough to play the fool. Bonus points will be awarded for sharing, posting photos, memes, GIFS, videos and chant. Best of luck to both rookies.

Round 2 Match 2 of the 2017 CCC is up! The Void takes on Grumpy Dan Thunder.

The VOID goes 1 on 1 with Grumpy Dan Thunder. The rules will be the same as match one. Comments, shares, memes and bonus points will be recorded on here on, along with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Cast your vote of the Void with "Enter the Void" or make it a Grumpy day with "We want the Grump" ! Best of luck to both Competitors. This contest is schedule for 1 fall, (one fall!), and will end on Saturday night at 9pm. 

Round 2 Match 1 Sierra Nevada VS Hollywood!

Here it is the official post of Match 1 Round 2 of the 2017 CCC. It's Hollywood vs Sierra Nevada in a single match with a 48 hour time limit, this match is set for 1 fall, (1 FALL!).To vote For Hollywood have a comment that contains #HOLLYWIN, and for Sierra Nevada a comment with "Seen Bigger, Bested Better!" Each comment for a competitor earns them 1 point, comments with signs, memes, promos, or GIFs might earn a competitor extra votes! Sharing this status doubles your vote! Good Luck Rookies, Let's Roll! Casting Votes can earn you more votes, and special deals off this website! #playitforward.


Our seventh and final round of SRG Universe's 2017 Create a Competitor Competition is here!! We need you the SRG Universe to please vote for who you think should go over!

Judo Jack
The Flannel Bros
Terror Twins
Project Canada